Every saree is unique in its own way. How about sarees that incorporate checks in its six yards of amusement? The job is bi-fold, don’t you think? With some of the best of our handpicked favourites, we are here to display a great deal of Kanjivaram’s finest craftsmanship. Redefining the concept of traditional sarees and incorporating this not-so-talked-about trend in its most prestigious form, checked sarees that you could choose to rock this season. Add a deal of zest in embracing our honour of finery, Kanjivaram silks!

1.       Dark Green & Maroon - BUY IT HERE

This saree with its pretty little checks gives us all a vibe of the 80s. 

2.       Red - BUY IT HERE

This red saree with its little checks and minute intrications will make your man fall for you over the saree, trust us. 

3.       Blue - BUY IT HERE

Royally woven and exquisitely worked on, this saree with little checks should definitely have a place in your wardrobe.

4.      Green & Navy Blue - BUY IT HERE

This green checked saree with navy blue striped border is the perfect traditional weave that remains ageless. 

5.        Aqua Blue and Pink - BUY IT HERE 

This pretty unusual and bright combo will add a new decorum to your wardrobe.

6.       Green - BUY IT HERE

This green saree with its pretty zigzag checks and intricate works on the border speaks for itself.

7.       Reddish Pink - BUY IT HERE

This saree with its plain checks and with its beautifully double coloured borders has came out as an extra-ordinary product.

8.       Pink , Peach & Green - BUY IT HERE

With the incorporation of three colours into the 6 yards of magnificence, this saree is goals.   

9.   Blue & Red - BUY IT HERE

Plain checks and intricate works in the border can zest up you South-Indian couture to a whole new level.