With the wedding season round the corner, fret not regarding choosing the right saree for the big day. We are here to get that job done for you, at ease and at the click of a button. For all the motif lovers out there, this will be your one stop destination in finding unique motif pattern sarees that will give you a new, esteemed look which will keep all your people wanting for more.

1.       Green saree with Veena motifsBUY IT HERE 

This green saree gives a dramatic elegance and the incorporation of the Veena is a must try for every carnatic music lover.

2.       Purple saree with vintage car motifs – BUY IT HERE

It’s not every day that we see a saree with vintage car motifs. But when we do it has to be as unique as possible to get us want to own it. Such is this piece with the brilliance of purple and pink.

3.       Pink with bharathanatyam motifs – BUY IT HERE

This rich pink saree with a motif of a bharathanatyam dancer is sure to give all the classical dance lovers such joy.

4.       Green saree with peacock & musical instruments motifsBUY IT HERE

This beautiful green saree with the  beautifully embossed peacock motif with musical instruments within will help you in redefining the artist in you.

5.       Green saree with Diya motif – BUY IT HERE

This pretty green and pink saree with Diya motifs, when worn will bring out the diva in you, perfect for this diwali!

6.       Bluish green jhumka saree – BUY IT HERE

This blue-ish green saree with its faded jhumka motif is going to let you hang on to the jimikki kammal vibes.

7.       Red saree with jewellery motifs – BUY IT HERE

The ravishing red saree coupled with jewellery motifs is a sure choice for every bride who wants to take the bold route on her big day.

8. Bright pink and green saree with bharathanatyam motifsBUY IT HERE

Elegant bharathanatyam dancer motifs embossed on this saree is always a wise choice for all who want to look and feel carnatic.