Animal motifs on pure silk sarees. Does it ring a bell somewhere? All animal lovers will want to own at least one of this artistry someday. Each printed saree that involves the motifs of different animals have always been our favourite. With the best collection of curated and handpicked pure Kanjivaram silk sarees from Ananthra, we kid you not, that you will want to own all the sarees from the collection, for enhancing your big day can’t be done enough without adding your favourite animal on your sarees’ canvas!

Also, these sarees are going to be so convincingly beautiful to not own one of them.

1.Blue horse – This beautiful plain saree with scarce motifs of horses is going to add more decorum to your style and attitude.

2.Green elephant – After looking at this saree with its mighty elephant being embossed, we wish for every bride who adorn it the strength and pure will.

3.Pink horse – With the intricately worked horse motifs on this brilliant pink saree, one might just be lost in its wonder and elegance.

4.Pink peacock and elephant – The addition of peacock, elephant and annapakshi motifs on this elegant saree, reflects the heritage of our Indian culture.

5.Dual horse – This dual shaded pink saree with its horse motifs is sure to hype up your style and attitude.

6.Royal blue elephant – Tiny elephant motifs scarcely embossed on a royal blue canvas. How cool is that?

7.Green and red elephants – Elephant motifs embossed in different colours on a green six yards of amusement. Who would not want to make this their own?

8.Green deer – Just like the deers in the saree, the one who adorns it is going to be a delicate treat to watch.

9.Blue and pink – Unicorns being incorporated in a traditional fashion in this saree is an commendable work of cross-cultural art.

10.Pink lion and elephant – A dual shaded saree with so much brilliance and elegance and with the addition of animal motifs of the lion and elephant is for all the wild hearts.

11.White cow, peacock and elephant – Ditch the mundane way of having a bright saree and instead go for this white saree with pink animal motifs embossed brilliantly.

    12.Blue cow – The cow, the most traditional and the timid animal of our culture is adding a lot of glory to this saree.

    13.Royal blue horse – This incredible horse motif saree is a perfect choice to seize a second look everywhere you go.

    14.Tricolour – This tri-coloured animal motif saree is about to add some elegance and a lot of grace to your wardrobe.

    15.Blue lion and deer – A lion and deer animal motif saree that will give you a bold and beautiful look when adorned in style.